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ReBirth Pre-Apprenticeship Program

ReBirth Pre-Apprenticeship Program serves through education, occupational skills training, leadership development, community service, and post-program placement as a pathway to economic mobility.

ReBirth Pre-Apprenticeship combines classroom instruction and real-world projects that prepare students for the workplace. Our job skills training focuses on careers that are in-demand in the Dallas area.  Participants earn industry-recognized credentials and the practical experience needed for success.

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Construction Careers

Participants learn construction and green building techniques while earning certifications, that are stackable and transferrable. Students put their marketable skills to good use through community service projects, such as repairing houses for low-income families or building micro-homes for chronically homeless individuals.

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Career Readiness

Participants gain the knowledge and essential skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job. Successful completion of the requirements for the Career Essentials Credential and micro-credentials indicates proficiency in the understanding and application of the career-readiness competencies:  Workplace Skills, Personal Skills, Financial literacy, and Technical Skills Grounded in Academics.

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Customer Service & Sales

Customer Service & Sales combines classroom training with hands-on skills and certifications as Customer Service & Sales Representatives. Students gain practical experience interning as call centers, local retail stores, and volunteering in office settings at local nonprofits.  The program provides students with marketable skills to enter the booming business, retail and hospitality industries and prepares them to succeed as they continue their training in the customer service and sales field.



ReBirth Pre-Apprenticeship is looking for young adults who want to finish school, start a career, earn a stipend, and plan for the future. Ready to get started? Click below.

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