You can't build a city alone. To have an empowered city, we must start by coming together.

Empowerment begins with education.

We are proud to be a Dallas-based nonprofit dedicated to making sure every neighbor is empowered through technical education, hands-on job training and appreciation for their unique capabilities that make them an invaluable part of our whole community

Free Construction Job Training.

Start your journey towards a rewarding construction career.


Learn entry-level carpentry skills to build homes, commercial buildings, roads and bridges.

Earn pay that begins at $15/hr with healthcare and retirement benefits.

Work locally or travel with a team.

Job placement assistance available.

ReBirth Empowerment Education:
Restoring Lives and Rebuilding Communities

The health of our Southern Dallas Communities depends on a vibrant and growing economy, and that’s only possible when economic opportunities are available to all our neighbors. ReBirth Empowerment Education Programs address the barriers preventing underserved and under-resourced communities from having equitable opportunities to thrive, specifically in the areas of entrepreneurship, workforce development, housing and asset building.

ReBirth Empowerment Education work toward those goals by advocating for systemic change. What does that mean?  Not only do we provide programs that assist with immediate needs, but we also go deeper and work to address the root causes of structural barriers to effect real, long-term change.

About Us

The mission of ReBirth Empowerment Education is to empower young adults, to transform their lives, rebuild their communities, and define their roles in society.

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What We Do

We empower through education. Start your journey to a career in Construction, Cyber Security, or Customer Service.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

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Partner With Us

We are only as strong as those we surround ourselves with. Be a part of your community's growth.

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